Meet the Artist


I started working in surface pattern design in June 2020, the very year everyone was supposed to stay at home and stay healthy. Yes, Covid times! The times that led to huge changes in every person’s life on the planet.

Creating art and having that art on different products in the market is a very satisfying and gratifying profession. I would always wonder where the art was coming from on a notebook cover or a pillow, you name it. Now I am doing the designing part and I am very enthusiastic about it.

I’ve been learning Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, and the tricks of the trade all on my own with my own efforts. It’s not an easy journey! But then again, what is easy in the journey of life itself? I’ve been taking hundreds of Skillshare classes, classes from artists like Cat Coquillette, Bonnie Christine, Elizabeth Silver, Rachael Taylor of Make it in Design, and many more. It’s amazing what one can do to learn about a subject matter in this day and age. Gotta love learning!

I have a couple of online print-on-demand stores and I like the idea of making my products available that way. I’m also soon going to be launching a shop of my own on the website.

In addition, I attended Licensing Expo 2021 and had the opportunity to meet with great licensing brands such as Jewel Branding. I’ve been working on my portfolio since the day I launched it back in December 2020 and I received some invaluable advice as to how I should keep developing it.

I am currently open to licensing my artwork, collaborating with design studios on a remote basis, or just being a freelancer who can provide you with design support in your projects.